Friends and Neighbors

Jonesboro is famous for cooperative community spirit and friendly citizens.  No matter which of the great neighborhoods you choose or what activities you choose, you’ll be welcomed with true southern hospitality.  And, our pride shows in the support of our local charities, city facilities, and our University!


The Jonesboro Police Department employs one officer for every 472 citizens. With a commitment to transparency, the department deploys in-car cameras in every unit and body-worn cameras for every officer. Even with a large staff, JPD knows the importance of cutting-edge technology in fighting crime.


Jonesboro has five school districts in the city limits and three private schools to serve our residents. Our schools consistently rank high in graduation rates and achievements. There are also exceptional daycares and after school programs available. Each school district offers a unique learning experience. There are many ways to further your education in Jonesboro, as well. With Adult Education programs, Technical Schools, and the second largest university in the state, there are opportunities for learners at any level.


Jonesboro is the regional healthcare hub of Northeast Arkansas. This includes over 600 hospital beds, 600 physician specialists, and 80 dentists. There are two major hospitals located here with the latest in medical technology offerings.

Cost of Living
Jonesboro consistently ranks as one of the most cost effective places to live in the country.Overall, Jonesboro’s cost of living is 15.7% below the national average! There are neighborhoods in all shapes and sizes to fit your family’s budget. Property taxes are assessed at 20% of market value and the sales tax is 8.5% (6.5% state tax + 1.0% city and 1% county tax).
Arts and Entertainment

No matter your interests, Jonesboro has something for you! From art and performance venues to seasonal festivals and events, we want you to experience entertainment in our area. Learn more about how to experience Jonesboro by taking a look at our City Guide.

Shopping and Dining

Throughout the city, you will find shopping centers boasting easy access to retailers that offer friendly service and a variety of treasures. We are especially partial to our local owners who have chosen the latest in fashion and also offer hand-crafted items. These shopping centers can be found along Red Wolf Boulevard, Caraway Road, Highland Drive, East Nettleton and Southwest Drive. Downtown Jonesboro is full of art galleries, boutiques and coffee shops.

Diverse Geography and Rich Heritage

Jonesboro sits astride Crowley’s Ridge, a narrow, low-lying ridge created by the great earthquake of 1812.  The terrain ranges from farmland to rolling hills.  Our history tells the story of strong and proud founders who have worked since 1859 to create this thriving city located in Northeast Arkansas.

Recreation and Organizations

From parks and trails to green spaces and community centers, Jonesboro has a lot to offer when it comes to recreational activities. Jonesboro’s Parks and Recreation Department manages twenty-five parks and four cemeteries that total over 900 acres.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jonesboro is known all over the country for its quality workforce and job choices. Whether your experience is manufacturing, service, education, healthcare, or retail, we have the job for you. Visit to see what jobs are available right now in Jonesboro.