New Pet Waste Stations in Downtown Jonesboro!

The Downtown Jonesboro Association, in partnership with the City of Jonesboro, is pleased to announce that we have purchased ten ZeroWaste Pet Stations for our downtown district! These stations will be accessible in several downtown locations for your convenience (see below for exact locations), in addition to the four already in place by the city of Jonesboro.

By installing these ZeroWaste stations throughout downtown, we encourage that you utilize them to help keep our beautiful downtown district enjoyable for everyone. The purpose of these stations is to protect public health, safety, and the welfare of citizens.

To enforce a cleaner downtown, the City of Jonesboro will be installing a new ordinance (name and number pending), effective in the near future regarding animal waste. Any pet owner who does not adhere to this new ordinance will receive a fine of $75.00.

We ask that you please pick up after your pet, and help keep Downtown Jonesboro a beautiful place to eat, shop, and live!