Membership Spotlight: E.C. Barton & Company

With over 50 years of membership and dedication to the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, E.C. Barton & Company has made a wonderful example of growth through being a member of the Chamber. E.C. Barton & Company has been a member of the Jonesboro community since 1885 and is the parent company to three brands— Home Outlet, Barton’s, and Seconds and Surplus. While operating 120 stores in 19 states, the headquarters remains in Jonesboro.

As members of the Chamber since 1958, E. C. Barton’s Director of Marketing Danial Reed said they've seen the return on investment. “The Chamber has provided many opportunities for us to promote our business, network with others, and provide professional development opportunities to our employee-partners," Reed said. "All of this makes us a more well-rounded organization and better equipped for future growth.”    

“The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful resource for our community and serves as a network for the local businesses and individuals who participate,” Reed said.

Barton's Home Outlet Ribbon Cutting in 2019.

E.C. Barton & Company has been able to experience firsthand how the Chamber can effectively help a business grow and network, and they continue to take part in the events that help them do so. “We love the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Expo! This event offers us the opportunity to showcase our own business, network with others, and learn more about what’s going on in our community – and we love a good theme,” Reed said. “Many of our employee-partners also really enjoy participating in JYPN.”

Barton's Business Expo Booth in 2023.

The Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t be able to provide these networking opportunities without members like E.C. Barton that are dedicated to the continued growth of Jonesboro. The Chamber is grateful to E.C. Barton & Company, its family of brands, and the continued support they provide to our organization.

The mission of E.C. Barton & Company is to offer quality home improvement products and solutions combined with knowledgeable and friendly service at the guaranteed lowest price to help our customers achieve their dreams.

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