For Manufacturers: Highlights from the 89th Assembly

Arkansas is enhancing it's already business-friendly environment for its manufacturers.  According to the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, the 89th Assembly recently passed the following two Acts:

REDUCTION IN SALES/USE TAX ON ENERGY USED IN MANUFACTURING: Continuing an effort begun in 2007, the sales and use tax to be paid on energy used in manufacturing will go to zero beginning January 1, 2015. (Act 1411 of 2013)

TAX REDUCTION FOR REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT PARTS: One cent was reduced from the total sales tax as it applies to repair and replacement parts. The plan is to continue to reduce this tax over the next several years until it disappears in 2018. The 2013 provides for a refund of sales taxes paid until the tax is eliminated. (Act 1404 of 2013)