Chamber Survey Indicates Positive Trends!

Each January, the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce requests an update on capital investments and job growth from local industry.  The level of response to this year's survey (for 2011 information) was at 45% (interestingly, there is higher participation when the survey is sent by snail mail than by e-mail).  Survey respondents made $35.9 million in capital investments and added 459 new jobs in 2011.  Although in 2010 reported capital investments were double the dollar amount of 2011, two companies accounted for 79% of those investments; reported capital investments in 2009 were 8% less than in 2011.  The number of new jobs reported in 2011 was approximately 10% higher than 2010, and a whopping 97% higher than 2009.  Clearly we are seeing positive trends in investments and new jobs in Jonesboro.