COVID-19 Resources


SBA Assistance - See file called 'SBA Disaster Loans' in downloads block on the side panel. (3/23/2020)

Jonesboro Coronavirus Business Toolkit - See file in downloads block on the side panel. (3/31/2020)

BUSINESS INTERRUPTION GRANT: The Arkansas Legislative Council approved a business interruption grant for certain Arkansas businesses in the PERSONAL CARE, TOURISM, TRAVEL, RECREATION and HOSPITALITY INDUSTRIES. Guidelines here: (10/20/2020)

State Chamber's Reopening Best Practices - See file 'Reopening Best Practices' in downloads block on the side panel. (4/29/2020)

With restrictions, some dine-in restaurant operations can resume beginning May 11. For details, see file 'Restaurant Guidelines' in downloads on the side panel. (4/30/2020)

Gyms and fitness centers may begin to resume operations on May 4, 2020 if they meet the requirements set forth in the official directive, see file 'Gym/Fitness Reopen Guidelines' (5/1/2020).

View the conditions required to safely reopen Barber Shops, Body Art Establishments, Body Art Schools, Cosmetology Establishments, Massage Therapy Clinics/Spas, and Medical Spas during Phase 1. See file 'Cosmetology Reopen Guidelines' (5/1/2020).

View the directive released by the Governor that covers indoor venues for commercial, community, or civic events and activities where an audience, spectators, or a gathering of people are present, such as at concerts, plays, movies, lectures, presentations, conferences, conventions, sporting events, races, fundraisers, trade shows, and festivals. See file 'Large Indoor Venues Directive' (5/5/2020)

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission has provided a list of companies that have self-identified as providers of PPE. Neither AEDC nor ADEM are recommending any of these as preferred vendors. They have simply submitted this info and it has been compiled and being shared for your convenience. See file 'PPE Providers'. (5/6/2020)

The Secretary of Health has issued the attached Directive in conjunction with Executive Order 20-25, which imposed limitations on businesses in the state of Arkansas to limit the spread of COVID19. All businesses, manufacturers, and construction companies must implement the described protocols for diminishing the threat of COVID-19. See file 'Business Limitations Directive'. (5/12/2020)

When we begin getting back to more normal social interactions, we risk spreading the virus all over again. Some people may still have the virus without showing symptoms. So, phasing in normal life will require MORE diligence in personal preventive measures, not less. When current restrictions on where we go and how we gather are loosened, we must double down on preventive practices. No one wants businesses to reopen only to have infections surge and cause a second round of closures. Read more in file 'Face Covering'. (5/12/2020) 

The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is working to bring our members the best resources and information possible to help you navigate the challenges of the cornavirus pandemic. See file 'Arkansas Businesses Opening Schedule' for a information concerning reopening.

The U.S. Chamber has released a new video which provides a step-by-step explanation of the Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness process. In the video, U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley walks you through the essential steps of the loan forgiveness process, including calculations and repayment terms. To view the video click here.


Want to know how to keep you and your business healthy? Check out these resources below.

ADH Call Center

Business hours (8:00 am-4:30 pm) Urgent and non-urgent 1-800-803-7847

After hours for urgent calls 1-501-661-2136

Michael Conyers, B.S., NREMT-Paramedic

Northeast Region Public Health Preparedness Coordinator


Susan Stafford, RN, Communicable Disease Nurse Specialist, Northeast Region


Amy Howell, RN, Administrator, Craighead County Health Unit



As the directives for restaurants has changed, some businesses have modified their operations. Please remember to check with each restaurant for their current operation policies. Click here to visit the restaurants listed on our membership directory.