A'Lante Flamenco

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 7:30pm
The Fowler Center

A'lante Flamenco Ensemble, based out of Austin, Texas, excites audiences with a blend of traditional and contemporary flamenco music and dance.  A'lante Flamenco was formed in 2011 by Artistic Director / Choreographer Olivia Chac'on and Music Director Isai Chac'on with the object of presenting flamenco to Texas and regional audiences in the freshest and most creative way possible.  Since then A'lante Flamenco has grown in both size and vision, now incorporating eleven permanent members - seven dancers and four musicians - and producing popular traditional flamenco shows as well as innovative flamenco theater works incorporating multimedia and addressing revelent social issues.  A'lante Flamenco's work aims to reach audiences on a visceral level, provoking emotional responses through music and dance that cross cultural and linguistic boundaries.

To purchase tickets:  call the Arkansas State Central Ticket office at 870-972-2781 or 888-278-3267,  come to the Central Box Office in the Lower Red Entrance of First National Bank Arena, or visit online tickets at www:tickets.astate.edu