Member Highlights: Rachel Guerin

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Rachel Guerin, I highly suggest you stop what you are doing and reach out to say hi. This powerhouse of a woman has recently been promoted to the Interim State Director Position of the Arkansas Chapter of the March of Dimes, and she resides right here in Jonesboro.

Rachel shared with us: “The March of Dimes was founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt January 3rd 1938.He moved forward with the foundation seeking a cure for polio. The March of Dimes Foundation as a whole is currently going through a re-branding phase. We are so excited to launch our new way of doing things! All changes should be implemented by the end of the year 2016. Keep an eye out for exciting changes. Our volunteers in Northeast Arkansas are so strong. We are so fortunate to be in the great city of Jonesboro who has such a big philanthropic heart.” 

Rachel’s favorite season must be fall. “My favorite past times would have to be attending the NEA Fair each year and Red Wolves Football. I love Red Wolf Football. I cannot wait to see the new expansion up close and personal when the season opens with Mizzou next month.” Rachel loves these events for the same reason she loves her Chamber membership. “You always run into several people you know and you realize that no matter how large Jonesboro gets, it still has that small town community feel.”
“The Chamber allows me to stay in the loop with the member to member blasts. I love the constant information coming in; events I can go to socialize and network- a wonderful tool to use as a member.” Guerin shared.

The same passion she shares for the Red Wolves she pours into helping our local babies. “My husband, Gabriel Guerin and I met while we were both attending ASTATE for our business degrees. He is currently working for Gearhead Outfitters and “somehow” is a dedicated volunteer for the March of Dimes. We keep so busy spending time family and friends, completing home projects, cycling, and working on the next big March of Dimes fundraising event. There is a running joke that the two of us never slow down, and never will!”

Jonesboro Regional Chamber is proud to highlight, Rachel and the March of Dimes. 

Rachel Guerin
March of Dimes
Member Since: 1995