Member Highlights: Leah Honnoll

While everyone’s talking BBQ this weekend, we’re talking cookies. You remember the cookies, like the ones you used to get at the old Indian Mall…You know the fresh warm moist cookies with frosting. 

Those cookies are now made with love over at Cookies and More. Leah Honnoll and her parents own and operate Cookies N More located right beside the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce on Nettleton.

Cookies N More opened in the spring of 2013, then selling to Leah and her family in April of 2015. Leah is a licensed embalmer and funeral home director but left all that to bake cookies. She has no regrets though and says designing cookies all day is the best job she could ever dream of. When she’s not at the store she’s home with friends and family and states she’s often baking in the kitchen so this was only a natural progression. 

Cookies and More joined the chamber to be better connected with the community and reintroduce Jonesboro to their cookies and knew the Jonesboro Chamber was a natural step in order to do that.
We’re proud to welcome new members daily to the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce and are proud to have Leah and Cookies N More as part of our team.

Cookies N More
1825 E. Nettleton Ave.
Member Since: 2015