Member Highlights: Ginger Hyneman

Ginger Hyneman, is your typical Jonesboro Attorney. Smart, a good mom, beautiful and dedicated to her city. 

Mitchell Williams, began in Little Rock back in 1954, and Ginger and her local team have been a powerhouse in the Jonesboro area since 2014. “Jonesboro was a dynamic and growing place full of smart, interesting, caring and generous people. Those same people are the backbone of the wonderful businesses here in our town. The Chamber is a great way to be connected to those people and their businesses. ”

So before the office even opened in Jonesboro, Mitchell Williams knew they needed to join the Chamber, and did so in 2013. 
“We love being members of the Chamber and being the first to know about upcoming events and conferences in Jonesboro that we can get involved in. We always enjoy participating and hosting events so that we can continually connect with others in the community.” Ginger shared.

“One thing I love about Mitchell Williams is the commitment we have to client service throughout the firm. We offer services to businesses of all shapes and sizes and we customize our teams to work with clients in a way that best helps them meet their goals. We take a great deal of pride in being responsive to our clients and being proactive in our communication. We always look to drive value to our clients to help them increase their bottom line.”

Ginger shares her favorite place in Jonesboro, the Foundation of the Arts. “We are so fortunate to have the Foundation here in Jonesboro and have the inspiring work of its teachers and students in art, drama, and dance. The Foundation is alive and bustling with creativity and spirit. I just love what the Foundation does to instill a love of the arts in our children and our community.”

We are honored to have Ginger, and the Team of Mitchell Williams as members of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce. 
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Member since: 2013