Member Highlights: Eric and Ann Burch

Ann worked for the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce in Pascagoula, MS and knew the value of Chamber membership for a new business. So when Eric and Ann Burch started Burch and Co Real Estate in July of 2011, she made sure it was one of the first things they did upon opening a business in the community of Jonesboro.

These two have a heart for Jonesboro. Both Eric and Ann were raised here. When we asked for their favorite location Ann shared, “Outside of my business, it is definitely my home and neighborhood of Barrington Park. If we are talking businesses that would be our mom and pop shops and restaurants in town such as Gearhead Outfitters and Godsey's Bar & Grill.” 

The history of Jonesboro is even built into their home. “Eric and I met at the Indian Mall when we were 14 and he later proposed there too. We built a brick into our home that came from the old Indian Mall to remind us of where it all began.”

Burch and Co partnered with the Jonesboro Chamber out of shared principles; a foundation of family, friendships and community. The ability to develop a better Jonesboro together thru networking, events and opportunities to speak and share our strengths. 

“Eric and I both were raised in Jonesboro and all of our family is here with us too which makes Jonesboro dear to our hearts. We are out of the box thinkers, so our office is structured differently than other real estate firms. We have a person on staff for each role within a real estate transaction. We have listing agents, buyers agents, transaction coordinators, and administration support.”

Jonesboro Regional Chamber is proud to highlight, Eric and Ann Burch and Burch and Co. Looking to build your relationships within the community? The Jonesboro Chamber is the perfect opportunity. 

Eric & Ann Burch
Burch & Co Real Estate
Member Since: 2011