Member Highlights: Derek Dodd

Derek Dodd of Jones & Company joined the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2012. The native Floridian now calls Jonesboro home and he and his large family enjoy Craighead Forest Park for the boating and fun it provides.

When we asked about his reasoning behind the Chamber Membership Derek shared: “For our company there is no greater resource then to be surrounded by the great networking opportunities provided by the Chamber. We also love being involved in our community and Jonesboro Regional Chamber allows us that opportunity.”

Reputations are built and earned the hard way and Jones & Company has truly built theirs. They are growing and expanding to meet the demand. Jones & Company will be joining Phase I of the new Reserve at Hill Park which fronts Browns Lane. "We chose Hill Park because this location is right in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by our clients, employees and friends," stated Brent Stidman of Jones & Company, Ltd. "The location is surrounded by premiere businesses that have also chosen to make their home in this strategically located office park."

We celebrate their growth and are proud to have Jones & Company as members of the Chamber.