Member Highlight: Jennifer Rorex

Jennifer Rorex and her husband enjoy going to the parks in Jonesboro with their kids. You’ll find them at Craighead at the splash park or the renovated playground on Nettleton by the fire department. There are many wonderful parks in Jonesboro to choose from and they enjoy them all.

Jennifer works in Human Resources at Rural Sourcing here in Jonesboro. The company opened in 2004, and Jennifer joined thru JYPN in 2013. “I joined because I believe that the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is the foundation for Jonesboro. They are an important structure for economic development and social activities.”

When you ask Jennifer why she joined the chamber, she’ll explain, “Even though I am in HR, I can be very shy sometimes. Many people find this shocking because if you know me, I come across as anything but shy. One of the Chamber’s biggest benefits is the connections I had made through being a Chamber member. You start to form relationships with people from many different fields.”

Jennifer is most proud of RSI for their involvement in in their annual hackathon for college students. “It is a programming competition where the winner is offered a paid internship with RSI. A team from ASU won this year and I can’t wait to work with them.”

Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud to work with Jennifer and Rural Sourcing Inc., (RSI). We encourage you to join and share your story with us.

Jennifer Rorex
Rural Sourcing, Inc. 
870-819-3226 x 2102
Member Since: 2013