Jonesboro Chamber Member Highlight: Marsha Phillips

If you ask Marsha Phillips what the most important thing a candidate can do before running for office, she’ll tell you from experience, it’s joining the local chamber. In Marsha’s case it was the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.  She joined in March of 2012. “I started running for office, and I joined the chamber 1st thing.” Since Marsha recently won her re-election for Craighead County Tax Collector, it’s obviously good advice.

Now we can’t promise a political success just from joining the chamber, but we can promise you access to people, businesses and networking opportunities you never knew possible before joining. “The campaign aside, I love the Jonesboro Chamber for the great friendships I have made. It's more than I could have thought. The Expo, Business after hours, I look forward to the many programs I can participate in.”

Marsha’s dad was on the city council for over 16 years and she thanks him for preparing her for the job she has today. Credit goes to her late brother for telling her about a job at the courthouse 35 years ago.

When she’s not counting city revenue, she’s trying to relax, and we can see why. Marsha and her husband Dale, cherish 5 children, 6 great grandchild and 1 great grandchild. Between the large family and the stressful job, how does she stay so calm. “Crafts are a great stress reliever, and I love to sing”. Here’s to hearing pleasant songs coming down the halls of the county offices for the next few years Marsha!