Member Highlight: Erica Huffstetler

Today we highlight Erica Huffstetler who is the Wellness Program Manager at NEA Baptist Wellness Center. He job literally is to get you up and moving and her family shares the same passion. Her Husband Wixson is the Parks and Recreation Director of the City of Jonesboro.

Member Highlight: Sally Williams

Allow us to introduce you to Sally Williams of Fred Dacus Associates. She’s a recent addition to the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, joining in September of 2015. This mother of two University of Arkansas Students and a MacArthur school attendee finds solace walking, jogging, playing tennis, and mother/son time on the golf course at Jonesboro Country Club.

Member Highlight: Jennifer Rorex

Jennifer Rorex and her husband enjoy going to the parks in Jonesboro with their kids. You’ll find them at Craighead at the splash park or the renovated playground on Nettleton by the fire department. There are many wonderful parks in Jonesboro to choose from and they enjoy them all.

Member Highlight: Lee Quessenberry

You probably have seen the red-headed brothers at a BBQ festival, and thought to yourself, well of course they do BBQ, it’s the family business. (Might we add, pretty tasty too.) Dig deeper and you realize these brothers are highly creative and intelligent professionals that are working to change Jonesboro.

Member Highlights: Leah Honnoll

While everyone’s talking BBQ this weekend, we’re talking cookies.

Jonesboro Chamber Member Highlight: Marsha Phillips

If you ask Marsha Phillips what the most important thing a candidate can do before running for office, she’ll tell you from experience, it’s joining the local chamber. In Marsha’s case it was the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.  She joined in March of 2012. “I started running for office, and I joined the chamber 1st thing.” Since Marsha recently won her re-election for Craighead County Tax Collector, it’s obviously good advice.

Member Highlights: Ginger Hyneman

Ginger Hyneman, is your typical Jonesboro Attorney. Smart, a good mom, beautiful and dedicated to her city. 

Join us for Prime Time

The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud to invite you to join us Thursday, August 27 for our Free Annual “Prime Time Event”.

Jonesboro Chamber Member Highlight: Kim Wallin-Brown

Absolute Care Management Corporation has been a benefit to Jonesboro since 2006 when owner Kelly Grojean, Sr. first began the practice.