Technology Incubator

Arkansas State University’s Catalyst Innovation Accelerator

Catalyst Innovation Accelerator

Biotech Entrepreneurship.  Arkansas State University has made a significant investment to advance biotech entrepreneurship by creating the Catalyst Innovation Accelerator program.  Incubator.  The program is housed in the Arkansas BioSciences Institute and provides a technology incubator to support and advance ideas for innovative business.  Talent Growth and Retention.  The program fosters innovation based economic development, with an ultimate goal of creating opportunities that will develop and retain the most talented among our region’s students and workforce, as well as attract high tech investments to our community.

Located on the Arkansas State University campus, the incubator offers the following:

  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • Access to world class research students and professionals
  • Business services and administrative support
  • Executive office suites and conference space

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